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The Biking Bishop and The City of Life Foundation are re-launching its humanitarian in summer of 2024 due to the recent past pandemic. Bishop’s previous three successful humanitarian campaigns were in 1994, 2006 and 2009; covering 7,000 miles collectively on his 10-speed bike which also landed him on the Oprah Winfrey Show on October 7, 2009, his 57th birthday.   He is embarking now for his finale’ tour of an additional 4,800+ miles covering the west and east coasts; to include Canada, the United Kingdoms, West Africa, South Korea and Italy.

This campaign is being themed; “For the Least of These” People Helping People.  His five areas of concentrations will be for our children suffering: Autism, Downs Syndrome, Sickle Cell, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Mental Illness (PTSD) and Cancer.  His six areas of concentration for our adults are Hunger, Homelessness, Veterans/Seniors, Affordable Housing and Education.

There are millions of lives that have been impacted by this deadly corona virus. Even though the afford mentioned issues has been with us long before corona.  It is our goal is to provide the first of its kind Resource, Redevelopment, Research and Education Center of its type that will also impact millions around the world. We call it, The ARc the first of many franchises which will provide jobs to many on the campus of The City of Life Foundation.  The ARc along with its other facilities will unlike some others provide immediate relief for families that are struggling due to unemployment, sickness, death and the recent COVID 19-related shutdown of our country.  Family resources have become extremely limited to paying for basic necessities like rent, utilities and food.  As a people, the human race; we need to do more and not rely on government totally to aid our assistance every time a catastrophe hits.  Therefore, we need to be better prepared ahead of time.

Besides the financial barriers, there are many other barriers (including but not limited to) such as the effects of social distancing and Stay-At-Home orders to the personal lives of students. No area of our lives has gone unaffected. Some schools have relented to being virtual and many families can't afford computers, or to feed their loved ones as many are forced (or ordered) to stay at home – yet, another burden by-product of the virus-driven shutdown are the closing of businesses. There should not be stumbling blocks or deterrents in receiving much-needed support when it is needed. And because of this, we will provide assistance to those affected families.  In order to accomplish this momentous task, Bishop Dr. Dre’ will once again dawn his 10-speed bike (his own brand bike, helmet, clothing and accessory line) to bring this awareness to millions through his Speeches, Sermons, his own TV, Podcast, other interview shows and more.  Live Streaming his day-to-day ride of back roads throughout the world.  There’s not too many countries, states or continents that this campaign will not reach or be seen by every media outlet available; as he will do once again what no other pastor, bishop, veteran, grand-dad, husband or person for that matter has done on behalf of humanity.

The re-launch is set for summer of 2024 from Atlanta, Georgia to the west coast where Bishop will begin cycling from San Diego up the coast to Vancouver, Canada.  He will be covering nearly 600 cities, 12 states, 5 countries and 7 continents while touching in person nearly 4-7 million people, not to include the billions he will reach thru the media and social networks globally.

Bishop Dr. Dre’ along with his team of experts which includes the following: IT, Public Relations, Administration, Research, Coaches, Security, Drivers, Social Networks, Sales & Marketing, Nutrition, Medical, Film Crews and Celebrities; will all share in this monumental humanitarian movement across the world that will be unlike anyone has ever seen.  They will be changing people’s lives, working in communities, while speaking and preaching life into lives, why?  Because it’s about, People Helping People.

Accompanying the Bishop will be celebrities of all types of careers, artistry and professions in concert of the theme song” For the Least of These”, written and composed by the Bishop and produced by Mr. Kevin Griffin of We Make Music, LLC, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  this project could not be completed without the professional background music of Minister Dr. Joseph Robinson and The Chosen Aggregation of Atlanta, Georgia; along with the solo vocals of Burlinda Harnett, Dr. Darryl Jones, and Kim Morton-Powell.  

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