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This CARD will help thousands if not millions to access resources such as food, clothes, furniture and more.  This ID resource card is not transferrable and has an expiration date of one year. It has a low-cost membership fee and can be used by all United States citizens.  Watch here for when this card will be available to you.

The City of Life Foundation Center will be located on 781 acres with state of the art facilities, and home of many life changing venues. We are driven to be the home of PEOPLE CHANGING PEOPLE'S LIVES!  The campus will consist of Cosmetology School, The City of Life Headquarters, Home of our New Start Ministries, A Health & Wellness Center, a 7Life Sound Stage & Film Studios, a Performance Arts Theater, a Theme Park, The ArC, a Recording Studio and much more.  



The reason for, “For the Least of These” campaign is to help those who are struggling from day to day and just need someone to care enough to lend a helping hand. People, these are someone’s family members, mom, dad, son, daughter, brother or sister, husband, wife or friend. We have taken it upon ourselves to show them that they still matter.

That there is still hope!  

In 2019, there were about 567,715 homeless people living in the United States, and in 2020 almost triple that due to COVID 19. The solution isn’t simple.  There's no simple quick fix. But if we don't start doing what we can we will lose the battle!   We need you to play your part!  GIVE TODAY. That which seems so small to you is so big to someone else’s need! The Biking Bishop is willing again to help.  Will you do the same?


Human Resource, Redevelopment, Educational Research and Center for ALL Mankind


You may not be able ride a bike, or open your home up and take someone off the streets, or build a home or shelter to put them in, or feed them everyday, but you can give and help others who are working on projects that can and will do those things! It’s that season of giving. But everyday should be that, right?


It was the ARK that saved Noah and his family of eight during the flood. Today, for those that are going through their own "storms and floods" they are in need of assistance and help with sustenance; we will be there for them will you?

​Yes, we are building an ArC!  Almost like the one pictured.  It just won’t be on water. This ArC will warehouse the sustenance of items needed for those that are going through the worst storms of life. These storms are causing people to make decisions of either paying the rent or going without food, make the insurance payments, or go without clothing or transportation. In either case, The ArC will warehouse "FREE" household items, food,  furniture, clothes and more for those in need and are yearly or monthly members of The ArC.

​The City of Life Foundation and  other Non-Profits have partnered on a number of Free Give-A-Ways to all of humanity that needs assistance. It will also provide Job training, courses assistance in Health and Wellness, Fitness programs, Nutritional programs, Medical screenings, Housing aid and several referral programs where needed. This will be our first of our two building projects running together along with the Veteran's and Senior's Communities programs starting immediately after coming off of our campaign tour.  The City of Life Foundation and “For the Least of These” People Helping People Humanitarian Campaign wish to Thank You for Your Support.   

This is what we're doing here in the States, but look further this is what we're doing simultaneously at a school named after the Bishop in Liberia, (Monrovia) Africa @BARWAAE

The Bishop's desire is to rebuild the infrustructure up to 10 miles of the school; with a state of the art school, roads, medical facility, a factury providing jobs, and more.

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Bikes on a Bridge


The only way we all can play a major part is by donating! 
Haven't yet? Start today!

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