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More than just a BIKE RIDE

What's the CAMPAIGN about ?

Our world is constantly changing, and we know that there are many family issues needing to be addressed in order to build a better future. From hunger, homelessness, disease prevention to environmental conservation.  This is this Bishop's drive when it comes to humanity.  To tackle these challenges and make a positive impact in the world with his fourth motivating humanitarian campaign for ALL of mankind!

He's not just riding a bike! He's telling, sharing, and putting it all on the table of what we as a people need to do, to bring about change in our world!  So, in some cases he's preaching, other venues he's bringing an astounding speech that will captivate audiences around the world. As he did in 2009 when on his 57th birthday he got to climax that 2,500-mile ride while on the (Oprah Winfrey Oxygen Show) and making a total of 7,000 miles under his feet, he will be sharing on various TV, Radio, Podcasts, Livestream shows and more. Now at 71 these next 4,800 miles are going to be exciting and life changing for many around the world.

We're past the civil rights days and we are still fighting some of those issues which are still very important.    But now more than ever the issues, and topics The Biking Bishop is dealing with and bringing awareness to are vitally important too.  Why may you ask?  Because as a whole from the Church House to the White House, from Main Street to Your Street, from the Rich House to the Poor House government seems not to care enough to put it all on the table of IMPORTANCE in their run for any office, which is another reason why The Biking Bishop a 71 years young Viet Nam veteran, former cardboard homeless resident, now rides to support the disenfranchised, the least of these.


So, he's out to give our children, seniors, veterans, and the neglected a voice where they've been lacking to hopefully bring about change to all of humanity; especially The Least of These!  Don't for one second think that this is a black thing; it's not about color, it's about Humanity of all creeds, languages, sex, genders, ages, education background, religions and regions.


One of the end results of this campaign/movement is to build The City of Life, Georgia and the (The ARc) Atlanta Resource Center which yes, looks like Noah's ARK.  A place where anyone needing help or assistance on any level and get it.  From food, housing, employment, job training, educational, mental health help, and more. 

Lastly, this campaign/movement is unlike any other is about impacting and making a change in people's lives any and everywhere.  By implementing change not just by speeches, sermons, slogans, cliques, and rhetoric, but by infusing the (IRS) Ideas, Resolve and Support that could and would work for what we call the Satellites Units within all our communities.  These satellite units which the Bishop refers to are our churches, businesses, schools, other non-profits, governmental agencies and more, needs to work hand-in-hand working together for the common good.  This way everyone benefits and not a select few in achieving; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


We're past waiting for big government to take care of its constituents when it seems they can't take care of its own problems within the walls and halls of government.  There's got to be a change and another approach that works for everyone. That approach was given to the believers first, to Love ye one another and to Feed My sheep.   In the words of Mr. Rodney King, "Can't We All Just Get Along"? It takes more energy to hate than to love.  Well, that's this campaign's message of Hope, Truth and Reality...We must all come together and come to grip with that fact, we are our brother's and sister's keeper in order to achieve our God given goals of Purpose, Dreams and Destiny.  


Bishop Dr. Dre's story is a story from rags to riches, back to rags and onto a life of enriching other people's lives, which is why the underlayment of this campaign's theme along with the 36 staff personal traveling with him is, "People Helping People".    


Support us today with your gifts, invites and encouragements. 

What are his Issues that he's supporting and giving voice to?

Hunger, Homelessness, Illiteracy, Education, Diabetes   H. I. P. E. D

Autism, Downs Syndrome, Sickle Cell, Lupus, Cancer and Mental Health

and he's giving away 1,000 scholarships (click here to see how)

When it's all done, he would have covered 11,800 miles on a speed bike; all for humanity.   

          "In as much as you have done unto one of the Least of These my brethren; you've done it unto me"

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch with us, so we can start working together.  You may call his campaign manager at 678-330-7774 or email us at: to bring him and his team to your location, if it's on his route.    You may also give a donation by clicking this link address

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