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Join today with the thousands of groups that we're formulating in EVERY state throughout the United States.  We need to get the Word out to the World, that The Biking Bishop is Coming their way!

What is your (PHP) "People Helping People" level?  If it's not up then you ought to be a part of this global team of partners that will consistently inform thousands, millions even billions of people that help is on the way.
Team  PHP  by Satellite 

Would you like to represent YOUR state with YOUR own Team PHP by Satellite?
If so, register today and see what you can get in return.




The Biking Bishop  is in the center of a very large project to  bring change to  millions around the world.  Connect with him as he  completes the final 4800 miles of cycling for change.  His seriousness to bring change is a big part of who he is.  In hopes of being a big impact he has lunched a $10.00 or more campaign to get global support.  Lets all give to show our concern for the least of theses through the world.  

The power of caring people can change the WORLD!

Education is the foundation for The City of Life Foundation. We will provide individuals an opportunity to learn how to read, write and spell. We will offer the High School equivalency (GED) program along with basic tutoring. This program will also be geared towards redeeming the high percentage of High School drop-outs across the state. These services will be for all ages and are available according to schedules. Help us build upon this foundation the minds of those that lack in this area of their lives. By going back to school in itself will be self-gratifying in getting back on the road to success.

By uniting with private and public businesses The City Life Foundation will be able to provide entry-level training jobs, seminars and workshops to those who society have written off as "unemployable"; by enhancing their God-given talents.

The City of Life Foundation will  provide adequate temporary housing for our enrolled training VIP clients and seniors. After completing our program; six to twelve months later, they will go through other partnering housing programs such as Habitat for Humanities and others.  Each will be awarded additional temporary and/or permanent residence for an additional year leading toward owning their new home.

Our compassion is also geared towards those seniors with special needs. Those that are feeling embarrassed because of loved ones with this mental condition can rest assure that we have not forgotten them.  We are looking to erect a research well as an educational facility that gives care and provides a nurturing environment.

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