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Bishop A. R. Willis Academy of Advance Excellence

It's official Liberia have decided to rename their school, to honor (State Bishop of Georgia)Bishop A. R. Willis AKA The Biking Bishop.  The School presently named Revival Fellowship Community School will be renamed Bishop A.R. Willis Academy of Advance Excellence.  Dedication and Celebration are in the planning stage now. Look below at some of the pictures from Liberia about the school.  

  B A R W A A E


Dear Sir/Madame,

On behalf of the entire administration, teachers, staff, parents, guardians and students, I would personally like to say "Thank You".  We appreciate your generous donations, prayers and well wishes for the school bearing its new name the Bishop A. R. Willis Academy of Advance Excellence. (BARWAAE)

It is our ambition and goal to see that every child that wants an education, that deserves an education, that wishes to excell to be and asset to their community, family and most importantly themselves and not a liability, are afforded just that; an EDUCATION!

It is our goal at The City of Life Foundation and mine in particular to see to it that (BARWAAE) is given every opportunity to grow, have the tools and teachers to grow, the atmosphere, upgrades, supplies and more to be one of the top of the line schools in Liberia. 


We welcome your one time or monthly donations and we will through our newsletters keep you posted so that you may see where your resources are being used for.  Consider please being a 6 months or a 1 year or even a yearly contributor.  Just know that every child deeply appreciates your smallest or large donations. For it's, "People Helping People".

The Biking Bishop
Thank You

We are asking you to help us upgrade the school by way of donation.  We believe that we are about to impact lives for years upon years. Be apart of such an awesome partnership experience.  

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