About Us

The reason for the BIKE 4 H.I.P.E is to help those who are down on there luck,  and just need someone to care enough to lend a helping hand.  People who are someones family members, mom, dad, son, daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife.  We have take it upon ourselves to show them that they still matter.  And that there is still hope!  


It was the ARK that saved Noah and his family of eight during the storm flood.  Today, for those that are going through their own "storm floods" and are in need of assistance and or help with sustenance; we will be there for you.

Yes, we are building an ARK!  Not like this, but pretty close.  This Ark will warehouse the sustenance of items needed for those that are going through the worst storms of life.  These storms are causing people to make decisions of either paying the rent or going without food, make the insurance payments, or go without clothing or transportation.  In either case, the ARK will warehouse "FREE" household items, food,  furniture, clothes and more for those in need and are yearly members of The Ark.

The City of Life Foundation and  OTHER Non-ProfitS have partnered on this Free Give-A-Way to all of humanity that needs assistance. Your only cost is your yearly registration activating your membership card and a simple donation minimum of $5.00 per visit, per head of household. Fill out the card below today to be listed for your card.  When this program is set to begin we will notify you ahead of time to register for the yearly membership  Pay nothing now, but get listed today!

In 2019, there were about 567,715 homeless people living in the United States, and in 2020 almost triple that due to CONVID 19. The solution ain't simple.  There's no simple quick fix.  But if we don't start doing what we can we will lose the battle!   Feel good about the fact that you played your part!  That which seems small is big to someone in need!  The Biking Bishop has already displayed his wiliness to help.  Will you do the same?

Help Us Help Others

You might cant open your home up and take someone off the streets, or build a home or shelter to put them in. or feed them everyday, but you can give and help others who are working on projects that can and will do those things!